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Maia from Ventura County Writers Club and 2012 Poetry Contest Winner reads her poem First There Was Stone

First There Was Stone

What if I told you my religion
was a stone in the sky

following me
from the first rock that spoke
in childhood, cloister heavy, the moon

mute over my shoulder
leading me to wander, so that now
closer to the end

I don’t really know
if this was stone’s kindness
or trickery.

Look out for a stone
that takes you in ambush
where the roads cross

there’ll be no going back
to kicking pebbles out of your way
without apology, without

curiosity’s lick
and danger, you’ll taste—
ready or not—

stone weighing like a world
against your side,

in the crook of your will—
the repose of granite
quenching its dryness

in the damp of your breath
with the cool slide
of a snake whispering

sister, sister


Postat mars 21, 2013 av estraden i poets from English-speaking regions


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